Competitions and tournaments

Intern competitions

Two chess groups A and B will play every week separate in the internal competition. The group winner B, can start in the next season in group A. A selected player from group A will be placed in group B. Every year the two internal groups A and B will play four times to become Champion Blitz Chess. This tournament is only open for members. So we offer two Challenge Cups with names of TOG members.

External competitions

Within the season a team of 8 persons will compete once a month in the SGA-competition. This will take place from October until May. This team will play in the fourth class of SGA. The team of 6 persons competes in the KNDSB-competitions four times a year to reach the club championship.


KNDSB Schaken organizes the Open NK Snelschaken once a year. You don’t need to be a member for this tournaments. It is about individual championship for blitz chess.

The Deaf Sports Association (KNDSB) put the rapid tournament on the map. There will be played in seven rounds - 15 minutes per person per game. The club winner also wins the cup. There also are also first, second and third price to win for those who have the most ratingpoints.

In the Netherlands several chess tournaments are organized. Of course the well known ‘Tata Steel Competition’ is one of them. Here Grandmasters and amateurs join the tournament. We think it is important to be present at tournaments as a TOG member to make ourselves visible and on behalf of our deaf sportsmen.